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Refer a friend and get £10

Your friend gets their first transfer for free!

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How it works

  • Share your referral link with as many friends and family as possible

  • Your friend signs up to OhentPay and their first transfer is free

  • Once they make a transfer of at least £100, or its equivalent in any currency, your account will be credited with £10


How many people can I invite?

As many as you want, and you'll get paid for all of them

When will I receive my reward?

Within 7 days of your friend making a transfer of at least £100 or its equivalent in any supported currency

What can I do with my reward?

You can send it as a money transfer anytime by choosing OhentPay Balance as payment method

Can I refer a friend from anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can refer a friend in any country we support

Does it matter where my friend sends money to?

No it does not matter. Your friend can send money to any country with any currency

Referral program terms and conditions